Olive Healthcare Milestone

Global Leader in Wellness and Medicine

마일스톤 페이지
Completion of wellness & medical device development and validation of through clinical researches, IPO target by 2021 starting Global Business
1 billion won Angel Investor seed ('16.1Q) ’16.04  TIPS R&D Prj. (SMB Administration) ’16.11  R&D Prj. (KIAT) ’17.03  Next Generation Medical Device 100 (KFDA) 3.5 billion won Korea Investment Partners, Partners Investment Series-A (’17.4Q) ’18.05  HIMSS Europe & BIO Int. ’19.01  CES ‘19 & Arab Health ’19 ‘19.06  FDA Approval of Bello 10 billion won Series-B (’19.1Q) ’19.10  Bello Crowdfunding ’19.12  Bello Amazon Launch ’21.03  Launch for Breast Cancer Diagnostic Device (Origo) IPO (’21.3Q)
company profile
Founded March 21, 2016
Number of employees 34
Address 12, Beobwon-ro 11-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea